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Also known as human centred design or user experience design, service design is what makes good experiences happen.


Service design

Competitive advantage, delivered

Service design is both a methodology, a process, a way of thinking and a mindset. We look at your service from the point-of-view of the user and see where value is really delivered. And where it could be improved. 

Whether you like it or not, product quality is universal. The only real difference between brands is the user experience the customer gets. This experience can and must be designed, because the competition is usually one click away. 

Research is the key - user focused research uncovers what really matters, and what’s just nice to have. It is the most important part of service design. Together with you, we’ll dig deep to define what makes your brand special (or what could do so in the future).  

Start small. Half a day’s consultation workshop will outline a plan of how service design applies to your business. Don't hesitate. Get in touch today!

What we do:

  • User research

  • Strategic market research

  • User journeys and blueprints

  • Service concept development

  • Prototyping and testing

Have questions and want answers?

Feel free to get in touch, and we'll answer what we can.

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