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We've been talking about service design for over 15 years. Because, like Forrester Research has said, "it is the most important design discipline you've never heard of".


Public speaking

Experienced. Engaging. Thought provoking. Challenging. Entertaining. And important.

We often speak at conferences and company seminars. We don't just get up on stage to deliver the same shtick, but get to know your industry and challenges and put service design in context. 

From university lectures to e-government conferences, designing the service to be delivered from the user's or beneficiary's point-of-view dramatically changes what will be delivered. We can help put your conference topic into a bigger context and guarantee to deliver a presentation that makes people reflect and re-think how things are done. 

Challenge us. From a 15 minute thought provocation to day-long workshops with senior leaders. Because service design is too important to just leave to designers. It is a problem solving method that changes organisations.

What we do:

  • Conferences and keynotes

  • Company events and inspiration seminars

  • Training and workshops

Want to satisfy your curiosity?

Don't hesitate to contact us for a chat.

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