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People either listen to what you have to say or try to read your slides. They can't do both. The presentation is there to support your argument, not to obscure it.


Presentation design

Bullets kill. In real life. And in presentations. Death by powerpoint can obscure even the most brilliant content.

Brand Manual was founded by people with a strong background in advertising, communication and graphic design. In communication, the rule to follow is that you can only make one point at a time and that you have to presume disinterest. 

We apply this knowledge and our design skills to create presentations that are narratively coherent and aesthetically pleasing. This ensures that the audience remembers what you said as well as what you meant. The slides are clear, consistent and easy to share. If you have an important presentation to make and you know what you want to say then let us help you show it in a way that really stands out.

What we do:

  • High-stakes presentation design for public / company events

  • Pitchdecks for invester / high-interest presentations

  • High-value internal presentations

Eager to learn more?

Reach out, and we can have a conversation.

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