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Brands are what they do. Not what they say.



No logo has ever made a company famous

Companies make logos famous and consistency is much more important than orginality. It is a truism, that successful branding cases are rebranding cases. When a company is created it rarely has the clarity of purpose of industry leaders. 

It is natural that a young company changes during the first 5-10 years, as it develops its intellectual property and unique way of doing things. Times change. Markets change. Customer behaviour changes. Successful brands define the core value that they deliver to customers not by what and how they do things, but rather by what basic need they satisfy. In essence, they can answer why they matter to their customer. 

Our branding projects always dive deep into the mission, vision and purpose of the company. Together with the client, we work to (re)define clearly what the company is looking to achieve, where value is actually created for the customer and what matters to all stakeholders. In short, we make sure that your competitive advantage is clearly expressed through all touchpoints with your customers, staff, investors and public. And sometimes we even design a new logo.

What we do: 

  • Customer and staff research

  • Onboarding your team for collaboration

  • Values mapping

  • Company vision / mission / purpose definition

  • Positioning and storytelling

  • Defining the value proposition and competitive advantage

  • Visual identity

Inquisitive and want to delve deeper?

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