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"Our brand ain't us no more"


Their first client was an Asian restaurant. Today they are strategic partner for medium-sized companies. How to look the part?

Successful brand building is actually successful rebranding. Just like you grow into the person your, companies grow into what they do because their original idea changes over time. When Molivery turned to us for a new logo we didn't just start drawing. Instead we dug deep into the service and what makes them special.

Background research with customers and staff demonstrated what is really valuable about Molivery and how some bottlenecks made growth and development difficult. In particular the broad range of services made focusing on value hard. Once the value proposition was clearly defined, clarity of communication and validation of interoperability was designed. After all, every company is much more efficient when the customer understands exactly what they are buying.

In the words of Molivery, "Hallelujah! I’m glad that we took outside advice because otherwise we would have put a new coat of paint on the old car, changed the wheels, and poured rocket fuel into the tank. In the short term, it would certainly have had an effect, but we’re in it for the long haul."

Purple is a serious colour. Just ask the Joker.

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