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Focusing the identity of Helmes


Our collaboration with Helmes started with ambition. Growing from one of the biggest players in the Estonian IT sector to a global digital innovation partner is a serious undertaking.

Making this ambitious plan a reality requires a strong backbone and a clear understanding of who you are. With this goal in mind, we worked closely together with the leadership team at Helmes as well as their customers to rediscover the essence of Helmes.

The secret to successful brand strategies is co-creation. A brand is not a visual expression but an impression of the company in its users’ minds. The company and its staff are ultimately responsible for delivering this experience to the users, which means they should be included in building it. In collaboration we developed an up to date brand strategy, defined distinct value propositions and positioned Helmes against the biggest players on the global scene.

One of the core beliefs at Helmes is that the key to building software is people. After all – great software is built by people to empower people. It’s an idea that the organisation lives, however it was missing in the way that Helmes outwardly presented itself. This idea became the focal point for updating the brand visuals. The identity is designed to present technology in a soft tone. As a natural part of our daily lives. Technology is everywhere and it’s completely intertwined with the human experience. As such it has to feel easy, friendly, caring and even comforting.

Organisational growth comes with its growing pains. One of the symptoms is the emergence of exceptions that end up damaging the brand. We conducted participatory observations with Helmes employees to pinpoint their needs and pain points when working with branded materials. This allowed us to create rules and materials that are robust enough to withstand rapid growth.

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Helmes. Looking the part.

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