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Healthy fastfood?

Freya Foodbar

This tasty story began from a simple observation: when one is in a hurry, there’s no place where you can grab a quick tasty bite, guilt free.

Everything comes back to a greasy burger, hot dog or pizza. Freya Foodbar aims to to shake up the sleepy stagnant world of fast food and add a bit of green and healthy variety to it. Brand Manual helped to realise this vision by defining the service concept, creating the brand name, the value proposition and a visual concept to bring this this healthy niche offering to the market.

Freya Foodbar provides a green alternative and fast paced service to modern urban people. Its identity captures this idea in 2 key visual metaphors. Firstly the distorted shapes of a mirage – as a promise of abundance and a sign seen from a distance. Secondly the shade – as the follow through and delivery of relief to the weary travellers.

Fast does not inherently mean junk. We measure speed on a longer journey. The produce reaches the kitchen fast – giving us fresh nutritious ingredients. Which allows us to cook healthy food without compromising taste or energy density and offer the biggest impact to our customers. Fast food has a particular function. It helps us optimise our lives. To keep moving and get things done. All the time saved behind the counter amounts to nothing, if it leaves the guest in a food coma for an hour. None of that at Freya. Oh yeah and we serve fast too – from the first hello to plating in 2 minutes.

A healthy oasis in a fastfood desert

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