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Big equipment, small effort

Fortal •

Fortal entered the heavy equipment market with 3 unique value propositions: First: rental. Second: rental + operator. Third: all-inclusive all season service.

More than a decade ago, the company know then as RKM Team set out to keep streets and parking lots clear during the harshest winter snowstorms. Their customer base quickly expanded as did their fleet of tractors, trucks, loaders, and excavators. They even developed their own software for managing the interactions between drivers and customers. Today, their planning and communication processes are so good that they know where to deploy their snowplows even before the weather forecasters do.

Recognising their own potential, the company decided it was time for an upgrade. Our research, face-to-face interviews and workshops revealed an expressed customer demand for more than just cutting-edge machinery – they wanted the job done well. With our help RKM Team rebranded, diversifying their traditional property maintenance services into a broader value offering. Now, the cornerstone of their business is equipment rental, accompanied by skilled operators, allowing customers to complete jobs more efficiently and effectively on the first try.

Our challenge was to define this evolved vision into a unified business model and brand strategy, based on three core services. This transformation called for a fresh brand name and a visually captivating graphic identity. Now, Fortal's equipment doesn't just get the job done – it also turns heads wherever it's put to work.

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