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Where do HoReCa service providers get all their groceries from?

Kaupmees & Ko •

Kaupmees has been Estonian's biggest wholesaler of food and non-food since the 1990s. The go-to place for hotels, restaurants and catering. Over years, the service evolved but the look didn't. The upgrade was long overdue.

Despite its success, Kaupmees faced a challenge: its brand image and client interactions were disjointed and in desperate need of a refresh. After conducting extensive interviews with Kaupmees' clients, we discovered a company that offered much more than just grocery service. Clients valued the brand for their reliability, timely deliveries, and willingness to go the extra mile. It was evident that Kaupmees wasn't merely a supplier – they were a trusted partner in their clients' businesses. Good friends even, known for their human approach and sense of humour.

Recognising this, we helped Kaupmees pivot from being primarily as a goods provider to being a comprehensive service provider. This repositioned Kaupmees as a reliable partner not just for shopkeepers, but also for cooks, food producers, and goods suppliers allowing them to focus on their core businesses, confident that the right products would arrive at the right time and place.

While graphic identity was an important, it was just the tip of the iceberg. Much of our work was behind-the-scenes, including auditing, service reviews, and structural updates. We revamped the brand architecture and introduced new value propositions. We also focused on team growth, especially in the back office, ensuring that the company could live up to its newly minted promises.

The culmination of this 10-month project was a refreshed brand, launched fittingly on Kaupmees' 30th anniversary at the end of 2022.

Bless this mess

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